At-Home Learning: 4 Tips for Setting Up Your Kids for Success This School Year

No school year in the past has presented as much of a challenge for parents as the one starting this fall. As both parents and school districts navigate tough decisions about whether to reopen, and to what extent, parents face the challenge of figuring out how to set their kids up for success in new learning environments, whether they are in a new classroom environment or at your kitchen table. 

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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Home Renovation

If you’re planning your first home renovation project, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. Home renovations can transform your living experience and improve your comfort and quality of life, but the process of making these renovations can be costly and time-consuming and exhaust homeowners with an endless stream of decisions.

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7 Smart Ways to Save on Back-to-School Online Shopping

The average American family is expected to spend nearly $800 per child on supplies for the upcoming school year—and for parents of college students, those costs are even higher. But for many families, these costs are a significant source of financial stress that can throw a wrench into their budgeting for the entire year.

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Infographic: 13 Smart Ways to Save on Back-to-School Online Shopping

It may feel like summer just began, but the first day of school is almost here! 📓🖍 There’s no doubt that this school year will look different for families. With that in mind, we’re sharing 13 back-to-school online shopping tips to help you save money and go into the first day of school prepared:

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Home Improvement Projects: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Whether you’re embarking on a home improvement project to increase your home’s value or simply to make your home more comfortable to live in, one of the first choices to make is whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. 

To make this decision, you’ll need to balance a number of different factors specific to each project. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the decision that’s best for you and your home.

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Financial Freedom: 7 Strategies to Regain Control of Your Finances

Financial struggles can happen to anyone. When you lose control of the wheel, it can feel like an impossible setback. But no matter what situation you find yourself in, there are practical steps you can take to get back on the path to financial wellness. Here are seven strategies to consider. 

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Why It’s Important to Talk About Money

For many people, the subject of money carries a certain stigma in social settings, especially when discussing income, retirement savings, or other personal financial details.

Although there are good intentions behind avoiding the topic, not talking about money may put people at a disadvantage when it comes to financial wellness. Would you restrict yourself from talking about other important topics, such as education, insurance, or the home buying process?

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5 Financial Planning Tips for Small Business Owners

One of the most beneficial things you can do when building a small business is pay close attention to your finances. Strong money management skills are essential for generating profits, keeping expenses in check, and maintaining enough liquidity to keep your business solvent.

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Why You Should Conduct an Annual Financial Review

As you manage a monthly budget, contribute to savings plans, and work toward financial milestones, it’s helpful to pause every now and then to assess your progress and adjust your plan. 

That’s where an annual financial review comes in handy. A financial review is an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at your finances, evaluate the success of your various strategies, and determine whether any changes need to be made. This review process is also important because life events and changing priorities and goals can affect your financial strategy, and a financial advisor can help recommend revisions to your plan.

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4 Savings Goals to Set for Yourself Today!

If you haven’t made a habit of saving money to reach your financial goals, the process of saving can seem overwhelming. Successful saving is a goals-oriented process that requires a plan for steady contributions over time.

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