18 Common Terms to Know to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Money is a topic that tends to make most people uncomfortable. Seventy percent of Americans believe it is rude to talk about money. Even married couples don’t talk about money—43 percent say they don’t know what their partner earns, and 36 percent don’t know how much they have invested between the two of them.

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6 Signs You're Spending Beyond Your Means

If you don’t watch your daily spending, it’s easy to overspend. And if you overspend regularly, you could find yourself short of money at the end of the month, which could mean running up debt or leaving bills unpaid. Even if you have enough money each month, are you saving any money for an emergency? If you are continually short of money, then it’s time for some serious budgeting.

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7 Creative Ways to Save Your Pennies!

You have probably heard the old expression, “Save your pennies and the dollars take care of themselves.” Although these words were not likely spoken by Benjamin Franklin, we can thank whomever really said them for their sound advice. If you watch the small expenses and make saving money a habit, the end result will be a sizable nest egg. The first step is to find those pennies—the areas where you are overspending—and set up ways to save that money for the future instead of spending it.

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