How Much Money Do You Need for Retirement?

How much money will you need when you are ready to retire? That’s a tough question. For many people, it’s like asking, “How high is up?” However, retirement planning is a lifelong pursuit, and in order to achieve your retirement goals, you need to have a target in mind. Even if the goal changes over time, having an objective will tell you if your retirement planning is on track.

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18 Common Terms to Know to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Money is a topic that tends to make most people uncomfortable. Seventy percent of Americans believe it is rude to talk about money. Even married couples don’t talk about money—43 percent say they don’t know what their partner earns, and 36 percent don’t know how much they have invested between the two of them.

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Retirement Savings for the Self-Employed

Being self-employed can be incredibly satisfying. You get to be your own boss, keep your own hours, and make your own decisions about how to run your business. However, no matter what type of work you do, being self-employed still requires financial planning, and that means paying expenses, putting enough money aside for taxes, and preparing for retirement.

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