7 Financing Tips Before You Buy Your First Car

Everyone dreams of the day they get their first car. When you get your license, you can’t wait to ditch the family sedan and have your own wheels. The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to afford a car, either new or used. What are your financial options to achieve automotive freedom?

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Use These 5 Simple Steps to Start Building Credit

Having a great credit score makes life easier.

Not only do those with good credit scores have a better chance of getting approved for mortgages and credit cards, but they also can get favorable car insurance rates.

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Credit Card Advice for First-Time Applicants

There’s a reason why 189 million American adults have a credit card: they can make life a lot easier.

Credit cards offer convenience and flexibility because they’re widely accepted and allow you to make purchases without carrying cash. Credit cards essentially act as short-term loans from the credit card company. If your bill is paid in full and on time each month, you can build credit and avoid going into debt.

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