Why a Community Bank Might Be Right for You

Think all banks are more or less the same? Think again. Though every bank offers basic financial services such as opening checking accounts and cashing checks, there’s a big difference between major national banking institutions and your community bank just up the street.

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Take Your Bank with You: The Benefits of Mobile Banking

Smartphones have revolutionized every aspect of our lives, including banking. Banks have been working hard to keep pace with the digital age, developing new mobile apps designed to make it easier to manage your money. In fact, with the rise of online and mobile banking, some banks are offering accounts that do away with paper transactions altogether.

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Checking vs. Savings: Account Basics and Key Differentiators

Where do you keep your money? Unless you are putting it in your mattress, you probably have a checking account and a savings account. You need a personal checking account to pay your bills and access cash when you need it. You also need someplace to put money aside for the future—maybe for a vacation or to buy a new car.

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