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Why Investing Is a Lifelong Journey

Is investing in your retirement fund part of your financial plan? Many of us put money in our savings accounts, invest in a 401(k) at work, and/or have an individual retirement account (IRA) that we contribute to for retirement. These options are valuable, but they may not generate enough money to comfortably cover your ideal retirement lifestyle. To achieve your long-term financial goals, consider adding some strategic investing to your financial plan.

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6 Signs You're Spending Beyond Your Means

If you don’t watch your daily spending, it’s easy to overspend. And if you overspend regularly, you could find yourself short of money at the end of the month, which could mean running up debt or leaving bills unpaid. Even if you have enough money each month, are you saving any money for an emergency? If you are continually short of money, then it’s time for some serious budgeting.

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To Rent or Buy? That is the Question for Millennials

Every family wants to own a home, but with flat wages and rising real estate prices, more people are starting to believe renting a home is the wiser choice. But is a home purchase really beyond your reach? If you take a hard look at your finances, you may find that mortgage payments would be about the same amount as paying monthly rent, and you get more for your money.

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